15 Oct 2014

Strategic Partners


Central Detroit Christian (CDC)

The Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a non-profit, faith-based organization committed to empowering people and creating positive opportunities for the central Detroit community. Their mission is to transform individuals to reach their highest potential while transforming the community to be a place of Shalom through education, employment and economic development.

CDC’s vision is to be an agent of change creating a community of choice. They desire to meet the real needs of their community in such a way that they see the community restored and made whole and as a result people will take pride in their community and desire to stay there.

Initially commissioned in 1994 by churches in the target area, six of whom are presently active in providing building space, volunteers, advice, and direction, CDC strives to be an outreach arm of the church. Their goal is to involve the body of believers (wherever they may be) in active, grassroots outreach and ministry. CDC believes that real change in a community starts with a heart change through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Their programs integrate Christian values as staff attempt to live out their faith daily in the community.